Unified low light level photodetector modules

Unified low light level photodetector modules FPM-UV, FPM-VIS and FPM-IR are intended for conversion of optical image in UV, visible and near –IR spectral regions into TV signal in wide irradiance range at input.

Devices include two cascade pre-commutating amplifier based on two image intensifiers of 2+ generation, coupled through direct optical-fiber contact with special wide format frame transfer CCD.

To block the visible range of the radiation spectrum in FPM-UV a combined bandpass UV-filter could be was used. The unified devices FPM have possibility of gating by e-gate of input image intensifier. Wide adjustable range of irradiance at FPM input of 104 is achieved by varying the gain of two image intensifiers.



– astronomical observations, selection control in space (spectrophotometry), detection of stars, satellites and other space objects at night; optoelectronic location; biomedical equipment for the registration of single-photon events; study of luminescence and fluorescence; highly sensitive microscopy; detection of electricity feaks on power lines; registration of gases and air ionization.


Spectral response, nm 230 ÷ 310 340 ÷ 920 380 ÷ 1080
Operating irradiance, W/pixel 5·10-14 8·10-14 after bandpass

filter (λ=1070nm)

Operating irradiance, lx 5·10-4
Output signal at operating irradiance, mV >200 >200 >200
Resolution at operating irradiance, TVL 450 500 500
S/N ratio at operating irradiance >10 >10 >10
Threshold irradiance, W/pixel 0,5·10-15 4·10-16 after bandpass

filter (λ=1070nm)

Threshold irradiance, lx 5·10-6
Dark signal, mV/s <100 <100 <100
Geometric distortion, % <1 <1 <1
Signal relative nonuniformity, % ≤20 ≤20 ≤20
Number of pixels 760×580






Photosensitive area size, mm 9,8×13,1 9,8×13,1 9,8×13,1
Pixel size, μm 17×34 17×34 17×34
Gating mode, ns ≥10 ≥10 ≥10
Frame frequency, Hz 50 50 50


A list of the most complete characteristics can be submitted at the request of the customer.

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