Linear CCD 8L consists of two identical linear 1000 pixel CCDs. The devices on a chip are oriented in parallel with rotary symmetry of 180º and are displaced relative to each other at a half of pixel pitch (6.5 µm).

Each of CCDs has bilinear arrangement and comprises separate sections for charge packet detection and accumulation.

Antiblooming permits CCD to operate at device overillumination factor no less than 100. Electronic exposure mode (≥10 µs) is also provided.


– spectral analysis equipment;

– optoelectronic systems of space orientation;

– object size measuring non-contact systems.



Number of pixels 2×1000
Pixel size, µm2 13×500
Pixel pitch, µm 13
Distance between CCDs,  µm 844
Package dimensions, mm 26,5×19,5
Spectral sensitivity range 200÷1100
Number of control phases 4
Output signal frequency (max.), MHz 5
Saturation signal, V 1,4
Dynamic range ≥ 6000
Responsivity (A type source with СЗС-23 at output signal frequency 200 kHz), V/lx·s 25
Relative luminous nonuniformity,% ±3
Relative dark signal nonuniformity, % 0,1
Max. voltage on terminals, V 20
Max. operation frequency, MHz 2,5
Operation temperature range, ºC -50 ÷ +50


Upon request of customer on the basis of the device a combined product can be developed, including signal control and processing unit.

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