CCD “Quadro-T” is a frame transfer photosensitive device with bulk n-channel on n-type substrate.

The device can go with the thermoelectric cooler and fiber-optic input.

CCD has accumulation and storage sections. The total number of pixels in output register is 1568. The first sixteen define dark signal level. Reading out pixels across the register in both directions is permitted.

Each section comprises 768 lines and 1536 pixels per line.


  • Wide spectral range;
  • Low dark current;
  • Operation at high frequency mode at register frequency up to 40.0 MHz;
  • Operation at low frequency mode at storage time up to 10 s


– TV equipment with continuous and pulse illumination, image transformation and processing systems;

– measurement instruments.



Number of pixels 1536×1536
Photosensitive area size, mm 16,898 × 16,898
Pixel size (HxV), µm 11×11
Dimensions (with contacts), mm 32,0 × 42,5 × 5,0
Mass, g 10
Image format 1:1; 1:2
Full frame, lines 1536
Spectral response, nm 400 ÷ 1000
Saturation voltage,V 1,0
Spectral sensitivity (λ=670 nm), V/µm J/cm2 5
Mean dark signal, mV/s 30
Output signal mean square nonuniformity, % 2
Noise, ē ≤20
Dynamic range 8000
Modulation depth at space frequency fN/2 across horizontal and vertical,% 55
Transfer inefficiency 1·10-5



A list of the most complete specifications can be submitted under additional request.

Upon request of customer on the basis of the device a combined product can be developed, including signal control and processing unit.

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