Photomultiplier tube PMT-186, PMT-186-1

PMT-186 (PMT-186-1) has SbKNaCs photocathode and linear 14-dynode multiplication system. PMT-186-1 also has two pre-photocathode grids before the first dynode, it can work in a controlled mode. The device is intended for registration of pulse  signals within visible and near IR ranges for multispectral research.

Construction design
PMT-186, PMT-186-1 is produced in a glass balloon with head-on optical input. The input window is made of boron-silicate UV glass. Available complete set: socket and voltage divider.


Photomultiplier tube PMT-186, PMT-186-1


Photocathode SbKNaCs
Photocathode diameter (functional), mm 10
Device diameter, mm 22
Length, mm 67
Number of dynodes 14
Spectral response, nm 260 ÷ 750
Photocathode luminous sensitivity, μA/lm ≥80
Anode luminous sensitivity, A/lm 100
Dark current, A ≤5·10-9
Nominal supply voltage at anode luminous sensitivity of 100 A/lm, V ≤2200
Pulse rise time, ns ≤1,5


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