Long experience of large format photodetectors usage for integral transformations of optical signals has enabled to develop unique techniques and manufacture number of optoelectronic systems capable to solve problems of image informative features selection including object spatial coordinates determination, horizon line detection, definition and classification of image structure, etc.

FUR 42M is a packageless leadless position sensor without chip holder. Sensor is manufactured on silicon insulating substrate. It is used as a component in hybrid assemblies.

Sensor operation is based on integral method of optical signal processing without scanning along the whole vision area.


  • nonpresetting control;
  • dimensional linearity;
  • high accuracy;
  • wide dynamic range;
  • high reliability;
  • high stability;
  • long and narrow photosensitive area.


FUR 42M permits to define light spot position in tracking mode at resolution of ≤1 µm

(10-4 of sensor vision area). It is capable to operate in background illumination conditions exceeding signal power up to 104.

Output signal is proportional to median position of optical signal.


– systems to defining of linear coordinates;

– measuring systems.



Photosensitive area size, mm 6×0,5
Resolution, µm <1
Dimensional non-linearity, % <1
Dark current, A (U=10 V) 10-8 ÷ 10-11
Min. requirement light signal power (Wmin), W 10-9
Min. position determination time (at W=3*10-5 W), s
Spectral response, nm 200÷1000
Max. photosensitivity location (lmax), nm 700
Spectral sensitivity at lmax, A/W 0,3
Operation voltage, V 5÷10
Operation temperature, ̊C -10 ÷ +60


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