Radiation hard vidicon LI501-1MK

2/3″ Vidicon LI501-1MK is used in special purpose TV cameras in conditions of high radiation up to 5∙107 rad.

A target is based on CdSe.

Vidicon has magnetic focusing and electrostatic deflection.

Construction design:
Glass material; without base with ring outputs of signal plate and grid.



Target active area, mm 6,6×8,8
Length, mm ≤90
Diameter, mm 17,8 -0,6
Diameter of contact rings, mm 19,6 ± 0,1
Mass, g ≤18
Heater voltage, V 6,3
Heater current, mA 80-115
Anode voltage, V 250
Deflectron electrode voltage, V 220
Grid voltage, V 340
Pickup plate voltage, V 10-25
Modulator operating voltage, V 0-15
Modulator cut-off (negative) voltage, V ≤20
Target illumination, lx 1
Signal current, μA ≥0,15
Resolution at the center, TVL ≥600
Resolution in the corners, TVL ≥550
Modulation depth at 400 TVL (at the center), % ≥55
Decay lag after 40 ms, % ≤14
Dark current, μA ≤0,003
Dark noise nonuniformity, % ≤15
Geometric distortion , % ≤2,5
Target maximum illumination, lx 4
Exposure dose power, rad/h ≤1·10 5
Capacity between pickup electrode and other electrodes connected together, pF ≤3,5
Warm-up time, s ≤30
Guaranteed life, h 1000



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