Spectrometric photomultiplier tube PMT-176

PMT-176 has multialkali photocathode of S20 type, electron electrostatic focusing system, 12-dynode multiplication system. The device is intended for photometry and spectrometry, γ-radiation detection by scintillation method, for diagnostic radioisotope equipment. The device could be used in ecology, biophysics, geology, geophysics, nuclear physics, high energy physics, etc.

Constructive design

PMT-176 is produced in a glass balloon with head-on optical input and with rigid leads. Input window is made of boron-silicate glass C50-3 or C52-2.


Spectrometric photomultiplier tube PMT-176


Photocathode diameter, mm 40
Device diameter, mm 52
Length, mm 120,5
Spectral response, nm 300 ÷ 850
Supply voltage, V 130
Photocathode luminous sensitivity, A/lm 52
Photocathode radiant sensitivity (λ=(410±10) nm), μA/W ≤1500
Anode luminous sensitivity, μA/lm 10
Dark current, nA 8
Gain under normal conditions 1·105
Pulse height resolution, % on 137Cs 7,3
on 57Co 11,5
Self-noise energy equivalent , keV ≤1,5
Luminous characteristic non-linearity at pulse mode with anode current of 0.3 A and pulse time ≤2×10-6 s, % ≤30


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