Photodetector is a hybrid twelve-channel device with a photocathode sensitive in NIR range.

The photocathode with drawing electrical field, based on InP/InGaAs structure provides high sensitivity in range of  950 ÷ 1650 nm.

A silicon photodiode linear structure is used as the anode, back-side illuminated by photoelectrons with an energy of several keV, with a front of the impulse response of the diodes less than 10 ns. Sensitivity of any channel is more than 1 A/W.

– airborne systems;
̵  laser locators;
̵  measurement of laser pulses in the IR range.


Spectral range, nm 950÷1650
Number of pixels (diodes) of linear structure 12
Pixel size, mm 2×0,2
Sensitive area size, mm 24×0,2
Photocathode voltage, kV ≤7
Sensitivity at diode output, A/W 1-5
Impulse response front, ns 1,5-10


A list of the most complete specifications can be submitted at the request of the Customer.

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