CCD 7L is a silicon linear photosensitive charge coupled device with in cermet package with optical window.

The device consists of photosensitive area made in the form of two adjacent rows of photodiodes of different area, an accumulation and transfer section, an analog 4-phase shift register and an anti-blooming unit. A row of small-area photodiodes is directly adjacent to the accumulation electrodes, a row of large-area photodiodes is separated from small-area photodiodes by a separation electrode. Each photodiode row has 500 pixels.


– Systems of space orientation;

– Automation of spectral measurements in microscopy.




Number of pixels 500
Pixel size, μm 26×26 / 526×26
Pixel pitch, μm 26
Spectral response, nm 400÷1000
Saturation voltage, V ≥1,5
Input signal dynamic range ≥20000
Responsivity of small-area photodiode row, V/lx∙s ≥5
Responsivity of the set of small and large areas photodiode rows, V/lx∙s ≥100
Output signal relative nonuniformity, % ≤15
Dark signal relative nonuniformity, % ≤10
Leakage current between electrodes, μA ≤50

Relative spectral response characteristics

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